Friday, April 28, 2017

yoga tips

hi everyone! i'm jackie. and i'm sara. and we're here from moksha yoga maple andtoday we're going to be to showing you everyones' favorite posture, savasana. be present, be still, be here.

yoga tips, to start off your savasana, come onto your backand extend your legs and arms wide. so a lot of times the tendency is to draw your legsin close together. so from here this really tight position is not going to allow much for you to soften and relax.

so the legs should be at least mat-width apart,wider if you have space, and the toes fall open, so that allows you to release throughyour back and just everything to be soft. arms by your side, instead bring them outa little further. yeah, take up some space. take up some real estate around you. and start to kiss the sholder blades a littlecloser together behind the body so that the heart and the chest can open, and as wellas the palms are turned out a bit more naturally towards the cieling. and then from here with the head, insteadof with the neck or the chin facing up towards the cieling, which is not so relaxing, drawthe chin in more towards your chest.

yeah. and then once you've found this comfortablespot, make any little minor adjustments. maybe the head starts to rock from side to side,to get a really comfortable position for it to rest, and then the breath starts to becomea little deeper. so you'll notice how the belly and the chestwill start to lift and fall as you breath. soften through your face, to your jaw, removeyour tongue from the roof of your mouth, allow your lips to part. and let every single bonein your body be heavy. really that's the only thing you have to focus on is your breath, is just going deeper into this posture.

a lot of times we start to think about otherthings, that happen throughout our day, thinking about our list of to-dos. instead, just comeback to your breath. be present, be still, be here. and that's how you do savasana. now that you know all of the essential tipsneeded, to get yourself ready for your final resting pose, remember to take as much timeas you need in this final posture. if you liked the video remember to comment below,and subscribe to this channel.

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