Tuesday, April 11, 2017

yoga articles

hey friends! welcome back to my youtube channel where ishare tech tips, social tips and app reviews. today i’m showing you 5 hidden google searchfeatures only power users know. come on, let’s get after it! first up, is an image search hack that issure to change the way you google.

yoga articles, if you’ve ever found yourself admiring artwork,but you don’t know who the artist is, just snap a photo of it then go to google and clickon the “images” tab. from here, click on the camera icon in thesearch bar and upload the photo and describe it as best as you can.

google will pull up either the exact imageor something closely matching that image. the only downside is that this feature isonly available on desktop for now. up next, did you know you can use google tosearch within a specific website? well it’s true - you can! that’s right. i officially just ended your endless searchingon a website trying to find that article that you know they posted, but you can’t find. just type in your search term, then space,then type the keyword: site, followed by a colon and the website….with no spaces.

and voila, now i have all of the yoga articlespopsugar fitness has posted. ok, if you are one of those people that hasdownloaded a tip calculator app, you can go ahead and delete that right now. if you find yourself wondering how much totip, or how much each person in your party should pay on a shared bill, just open yourgoogle app on your phone and type in ‘tip calculator’. boom! you can calculate your tip and how much everyoneshould pay. now for an oldie but a goodie, use googleto provide you with a currency converter.

just type in whatever currency you’d liketo see the exchange rates in, and voila! of course, another favorite of mine is usinggoogle to check on a flight status. just type in the airline code and flight numberand google takes care of the rest. guys, just to reiterate, all of these searchhacks can be done from your google app on your device except for the google image searchhack. so, those are just 5 little tricks to enhanceyour google search experience. do you know any other tricks? let me know in the comments below. as always, thank you so much for watchingand i’ll see ya next time.

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