Monday, April 24, 2017

yoga nyc

i guess we have to take her for the day. and you've heard about yoga and you don't know where to start, and we are live at the

yoga nyc, yoga seed. reporter: hello, i am getting my zen on this morning as you can tell my deep voice, and you can find out if

you do not know much about yoga. a beginner series starts tonight and it is a four-week program, and this entire studio is great for anyone that will be a beginner or that wants to be a yoke. -- yogi.

tell us about this. it is four weeks and anyone can learn about yoga, and a lot of people think it is just posture, but we will show you the philosophy, and making it accessible in their bodies so that they can learn how to take a deep breath. reporter: it

is about taking a deep breath before you do anything, and a lot of people do not realize they are not breathing correctly throughout the day. part of our mission is to make sure that everyone in the community knows how to take a deep breath before they break

down. it is a huge part of it and everyone can come and learn how to do that and so much more. reporter: we were talking earlier because a lot of people may look at yoga and they see someone doing the crazy pretzel over their head, and that is

not what this is about. that can be yoga for some people, but it does not have to be for the rest of us. it can be about the breathing and philosophy. in three of our have broken their backs, so we want them to be aware and we have all sorts

of positions, and you can come here and learn. reporter: and here we have carl, and he is leading the class. i want to ask you, so many people have a misconception about yoga, and tell us why and what they should not be afraid of.

first, let's lay on our backs as i multitask. and why they should not be afraid of a misconception, it is maybe not what people think, and now we are just resting on our back and staying with our breath. you can do yoga without even

moving, and there are a lot of aspects of yoga, and there are eight limbs of yoga, and physical movement is only one. you can concentrate on your body, your breath, and your mind. reporter: and carl can

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