Thursday, April 6, 2017

kriya yoga

we will now know about the 4 steps in kriya yoga after taking 49 mins kriya yoga diksha we will talk more on this first and foremost you should sit straight as lord krishna mentioned in bhagavad gita to arjuna, “samam kayam shiro grivam” while teaching kriya yoga. our body, neck and head should be in a straight line, then only we can receive abundant cosmic energy inside us

kriya yoga, so we should sit straight place your hands in yog mudra position this is step 1 the importance of yoga mudra is that, when we place two thumbs

together sushumna nadi will get more energy vibrations similarly,by placing our index fingers together ida & pingala nadi will get energized howmuch ever the amount of cosmic energy we receive during this meditation the same amount of energy will be produced in us so this mudra is also known as sri chakra mudra so in kriya yoga this yog mudra is highly significant next step is step is omkaram there is no mantra greater than omkaram why because omkaram has the highest sound energy omkaram is also considered to be the embodiment of bramha vishnu mahesh that's why there won’t be any mantra without omkaram while practising sushumna kriya yoga, we should listen to our own omkaras and chant omkaram should originate from nabhi depending on each one of our lung capacity

there is no compulsion that it should be chanted loudly or long or lengthy, so dont force yourselves with regular practise, you will be able to chant it long the chanting of “au” syllable should be 1 unit “um” syllable should be 2 units keep little gap and then chant next omkaram all who are taking initiation today,should practice this omkaram and deep breaths for 5 minutes every day in the evening only once in a day you practice fully for 49 mins, but omkaras and deep breathes you should practice for 5 mins in evening for second time chant omkara along with me do not chant omkaras asynchronously, chant with me for 21 times

next step is deep breathing deep breathes also should come from naval position inhale and exhale very slowly while taking the deep breathes while breathing in feel that you are taking in the virtuous things inside feel you are taking inside spirituality, good health, all divine qualities that you know that all you should feel,you are taking it inside, like you are taking in divine energy divine light you are taking inside like this with 'bhava' we should breathe in

while exhaling you should feel bad health, ego, anger, jealousy, whichever negative qualities that are disturbing you, whichever negative qualities are there breathe out each of those negative qualities with complete feel or 'bhava' do not practice this deep breathing technique like pranayam if you practice with bhava you can go deep and can concentrate easily on your third eye region so omkara and deep breathes are very important steps in kriya yoga practice next and final step is, focus on your third eye region focus on third eye region, many people think that

you should force your eyes and look up so dont force your eyes, if you do so you might get headache before meditation, raise your neck little bit it is difficult to keep your neck down like this and concentrate now arjun's guru once told arjun: asked all pandavas and kauravas to hit the eyeball of a bird all others except arjun were seeing sky, tree, leaves, bird in the tree and everything else but arjun saw only eyeball of the bird

so we should become arjun in kriya yoga practice just forget the entire body, only concentrate forget hands,legs everything. only concentrate on agya chakra in our body the most important place for our inner journey, the third eye region that is the reason why in olden days, we use to place tilak here even gents use to put sandalwood tilak or kumkum tilak or other we can put tilak anywhere else but why only here because it is the place of our third eye, everyday when we put tilak and we touch it, it vibrates sushumna will vibrate and we can easily enter into meditative state

with this bhava only our ancestors started applying tilak at thrid eye region so we should forget everything and only concentrate on third eye region but not stressfull (like this) very easily and comfortably the way how we enjoy a kids smile or the way we cherish flower that just blossomed and drenched in rain or they way we cherish moon in moonlight or happiness to see waves in the sea the type of feeling we have during such situations you will definitely be in a thoughtless state

if we enjoy anything satisfactorily, we will be in the thoughtless state by default with the same bhava concentrate on your third eye region for this 49 mins, believe that you are a soul that is the fact, you existed before this physical body, existing now and will exist even after leaving this physical body what we will loose is only the physical body so we will meet our real selves, this 49 mins please forget your name, position, place, profession i am a soul what happens in kriya yoga is, we embrace the truth

so we dont need anything in this 49mins i, my soul is god, i am close to god and in his lap as an infant in this 49 mins will be tuned into kriya yoga, i will always have his blessings with the same bhava, now we will practice kriya yoga for 49 mins i hope you all understood the process process: sit straight, keep hands in yoga mudra position chant omkara along with me then 14 times deep breathes with bhava then concentrate with ease on third eye region please do not open your eyes in between

because if you open your eyes in between then 80% of your energy will be wasted, so do not open your eyes in between when i say "slowly come out of meditation" then open your eyes, when we sit with eyes closed everyones energy here will be equal

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