Friday, April 7, 2017

kundalini meditation

today's topic is how to activate all the chakras. seven chakras, especially. 7 chakras are described in indian system of yoga. yoga is a system. remember, yoga is not a religion. so the yoga system is a system to improve yourself. we have 7 chakras. i have shed lot of light on the chakras, their functions, what they do, what we feel. today, you will hear how to activate them. first chakra is called muladhara. let me tell you. when you visualize the first chakra, base of the spine, you have to visualize red light. because it is a red color. so when you visualize red color, it begins to work. if it is not active, what do you feel?

kundalini meditation, if it is not active. so, you will feel if it is suppose, active, you will feel well-balanced and sensible, very stable. and very much secure. you will not distrust people, at all. you will feel that you are present at the moment. and you are connected to your physical body. but if it is not active at all, then what you will feel? you will feel very fearful and very nervous. and you will not welcome to anyone. but, sometimes it gets overactive. when it is overactive, you will feel very materialistic and greedy. greediness will not secure your life. security will be far, far away.

so how to activate it? very well-balanced, very well-sensible, stable, secure. so first you visualize red light or red color there. and there is a sound. it is called lam (lang). lam, lam. l like larry, a, m. lam, lam, lam. you can recite this sound with visualizing the color red color, red light. lam, lam, lam... so, this sound will activate this chakra. the 2nd chakra is svadhisthana. you can activate this. you have to visualize orange light. this represents very much feeling and sexuality. if it is open, what you feel? you feel that you can express yourself without any emotions. you cannot be overemotional. so you can express yourself. you will not have problems like people have problems with sexuality. they cannot function very well. so if it is open you will feel that there is no problem at all. in female's body or male's body. if this chakra is not active, you feel unemotional and you are not open to anybody. but sometimes it gets overactive. when it is overactive you become very sensitive. you become very emotional all the time. and sometimes when it is really overactive you feel lot of sexual energy. and let me tell you how to balance it. first, you have to do it, orange light, visualize below two inches on your svadisthana, second chakra and it is a water sound.

first chakra was earth sound, like you sit around the earth or mountain, but this chakra you have to visualize orange color and water like the ocean, river, streams, fountains. this is really seat of unconscious mind and this is also collective conscious. it has all the samskaras, it has all the instincts - this chakra. you need to balance it. let me give you one word. orange light. orange color. and the sound is vam (vang), vam, vam. v, a, m. v like victor, a, m. vam, vam, vam... just repeat it several times. maybe a few minutes. and have fountains or something water there or ocean sound. it will be active and plus it will be balanced. 3rd chakra is called manipura, in the navel. that is yellow color. you have to visualize in your navel yellow color. when it is working, it is open, what are the symptoms? you have confidence and especially when you are in the group you are very confident. you feel you are in control. you feel very very graceful and dignity around you. sometimes it is underactive, it is not active at all. so what you will feel? very passive and indecisive. but, sometimes it is very overactive. when it is overactive you feel very aggressive. and it is problem. so, how to balance it? first of all you have to understand this is the color of yellow color and the element is fire. because you have to visualize a fire. if you are around a fire you will see a big flame.

it is a city of jewels actually. you can get lots of jewels. you become like a jewel. it is a jewel of the human being. how to activate it, how to balance it? sound ram (rang). ram, ram, ram... yellow color in the navel, then it will balance. 4th chakra is the anahata chakra. it is called also heart chakra. green light. you have to visualize green. it is like air, wind is its element. if there is a sound of the wind, it helps to balance it. and sometimes when you are sitting in the dark room you just have a burning flame. it will help. so this way the green light... so if it is open what can you do? you care about the other people, you love, also you have good relations with the other people. but if it is underactive, what happens? you are cold towards anyone. not friendly at all. sometimes it is overactive, so overactive means you have so much love that you suffocate all the people with it. so it is like a selfishness for you. how to balance it? the word i am giving you, the color is green, the sound is yam (yang). y, a, m. yam. like yam. yam, yam, yam... 5th chakra is vishuddhi chakra. it is called also throat chakra. throat chakra if it is open, you have very good expression and communication, very well. and if it is not active you cannot speak.

you have hard time to speak, you will be very shy. and if it is very active, what you do, you speak a lot. you annoy the people. sometimes you don't listen to the other people. how to activate it? light blue color. visualize there light blue color in the throat chakra. and the sound is ham (hang). h, a, m. ham, ham, ham... in the open sky, under the moonlight, it will be activated and well-balanced. 6th chakra is ajna chakra. the color is blue. like its name, it is name is like you have very much excellent clairvoyance. you dream a lot. if it is not active, what is the symptom? you're relying on the other people, how to believe, how to think, and you are confused. but if is overactive, what you will do? you will imagine all day long. extremists becomes like daydreams and hallucinations sometimes. how to balance this chakra? very like the blue color, and the sound is aaauuum. aaauuum, aaauuum, aaauuum. and element is like a subtle body. there is no element like anything else. just subtle body. you can feel the subtle body. 7th chakra is called crown chakra. that is also called sahasrara. this has no sound at all. so it is like consciousness, your consciousness. it if is open, this chakra, you don't have prejudice, you are not prejudiced at all. and you are very spiritual. and if it is, you are not busied in the thoughts. but if it is overactive, what happens? overactive is you will not feel even for your own body. you will not eat, you will not drink, you will not seek shelter. it is overactive. but if it is underactive you feel not spiritual, not quiet. you are busied in your thoughts. that's what it is.

how to activate it? you have to just think about consiousness. and consciousness is shapeless, formless. but color is pink. you can visualize pink color on the top of the head. and you will be surprised that it will begin to open and will be balanced.

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