Wednesday, April 12, 2017

yoga ausbildung

hi and welcome. i'm nic. so, you're thinkingabout taking some privatecyoga classes in montclair.and your question is...why would i want to do private classes when there are so manyyoga studios in montclair? you might already have looked into jaipureyoga, yoga montclair or garden state yoga. all of these yoga studios. and they're greatand certainly a way to practice but i want

yoga ausbildung, to offer you something a little bit can you benefit from getting private yoga sessions? well, for those of you that have never doneyoga before and are complete beginners, going into the studio can be daunting.

i remember my first class and i didn't havea clue what was going on, there was all this sanskrit,i didn't know any of the poses andfor a lot of people that can be kind of scary. so, having a few private sessions before youstart a yoga practice is something that i would totally recommend. it means you andi could work together, slowly, at your pace, working with any modifications for injuries,really until you get to know the yoga flow and the yoga talk and ease you gently intoa class situation for the complete beginners out there, i wouldrecommend doing maybe 10 sessions, just to get familiar with what to expect if you goto a class and feel comfortable and enjoy the practice.

for those people who have already taken classesat say jaipure or yoga montclair or garden state yoga, you maybe want to develop yourpractice a bit further. there may be some poses that you don't reallyknow how to do, when you are in a class situation , you cant really ask the teacher. so, workingone on one, we can really work on the poses you want to advance in. it's also a way for you to have more of adialogue with the teacher and help you off the mat so the yoga isn't just about goingto class but a holistic part of your life. and for those people who have a regular practice,one-on-one means we can do more advanced poses but also lead into some meditation practiceand more advanced breathing practices that

don't get covered in general level classes. so, i'm here in montclair, i work all aroundthe area. i can come to your home and i have a whole bunch of props and straps and blanketsthat i can bring to your place. it's a super yummy hour, hour and a half togive yourself a couple of times a week to refresh and relax or i actually have spacehere in upper montclair and you can come and practice in my space. so i hope that helps give you an introductioninto why you might do some private yoga sessions in montclair with me. my background is withishta yoga . i am 500 hour certified. i work with all shapes,sizes ages, including children. i have a yoga

certification for children also. i would really hope to pass on to you whati have got in my yoga practice over the years and that is a sense of ease, relaxation anda practice that goes off the mat as well as on. and so, please, give me a call at 347-404-1239or you can email me at i have a facebook page nicwatsonyoga and please, i am open to any questions, i lovetalking about yoga. and i would be more than happy to share my experience with you andhelp you build your practice. so, namaste which, in sanskrit means, i salutethe soul in you from the soul in me. i hope

to hear from you soon. looking forward topracticing together. thank you for listening.

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