Thursday, April 13, 2017

yoga cultural appropriation

my favorite part about teaching theclasses, especially yoga, is the relaxation that sense of calmness and peace that you get through yoga. there's obviouslydifferent types of yoga, but some of the yoga classes that i've beenteaching here

yoga cultural appropriation, have been more restorative and really opening up people's bodies as well as their mind. to get rid ofstress, especially through what we're doing here with the mind-body program, aromatherapy, understandingessential oils, and how

those can definitely play and aid in de-stressing and pain relief, breathing techniques. it's unbelievable how just something simple as your breath can truly calm you down whether it's through anxiety, anything, if you're feeling hyper, a lot of tension, a lot of stress relief can definitely be released through your breath and then obviously yoga. it is such an awesome practice for people to get into to really become aware of their breath andto become aware their body. having this program can help ease some of that stress.

there are so many different aspects of health and, you know, taking control of that mental side, that mind side, can really carry over intoother aspects of your life. health is not just fitness. you knowwe live in a world that is so vain and aesthetically appealing and youknow, "i wanna look like the person on the magazine" and that "if i look this way" or "if i exercise thismuch, then i'm going to be super happy" when that's not the case. there are so many times where you receive that opportunity or

you receive, you work so hard and you getthe body or the image that you want and then what? you're still brokenbecause there is still that mental, emotional, spiritual gap that's missing and until you feel all of the componentsof health you won't be complete. i would definitelyencourage people to explore your mind, explore, you know read, be outside, and get away from tv,the world. just really try to focus on you. find out what you want to do, what you want to be, and the type of person you want to be.

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