Friday, April 21, 2017

yoga kurse

hi guys here is vinicius. this time i prepared for us a more reflective content which is an exercise of a great brazilian yogi

yoga kurse, or professor hermogenes have you seen thinking: i'm not good enough, i'm not pretty enough,

concentrated or dedicated enough. these statements and other, worse even, they appear in our consciousness it is very easy we take for granted, what is uncertain. when expectations for results, anxiety and excess commitments mix, we lose clarity

of what is actually happening in life the body and thought, try to think of it as a solo, extremely fertile, everything we deposited there, either through the thoughts, relations with others, it is grown

if you cultivate fear, if you cultivate conflict, anxiety. you end up being contemplated, with these fruits. however, this cycle can be different and give rise to qualities such as: goodness,

patience, a positive view the way you you are perceived in the world. that, decreases that turbulence and increases its awareness of how the facts occur, as they are,

interconnected. and the name of that path, the teacher hermogenes presented as well, it spreads so well in brazil and it is available to everyone, flame: he delivered, i accept, trust

and i thank these four words they make sense, if you think the meaning of life, it is beyond than your thoughts already defined about who you are and how it has to be. if you are enjoying this video,

then already takes and click liked. what is surrender? he delivered it is to free the bond after his actions or the facts, already happened. v ou is the nature allows now

make her role i accept all conditions as perfect inclusive the difficulties i accepted as the necessary lessons a guide, a mentor or god is putting

in my way and trust that such lessons they are non-transferable and only depend on i experience them if i want to continue i integrating more and more to the way life manifested by such teachings and thank you for the past

by president and what will without fear of being happy. to that there is a more interesting understanding of this way, i prepared an exercise to do together right now, before,

takes for you to enroll in the channel and activate the bell so you ensure that you will receive upcoming videos. come on? close your eyes a bit and let your arms resting on your thighs. breathe deeply three times

mentally repeat what i'll tell you i am enough give-me my way my journey i trust my steps to be a being of light unlimited possibilities once again

i give myself to my way i accept my journey opportunities unlimited open your eyes. thanks for watching here leave a comment of what you think this video, your opinion to me

it's very important you can find complementary information to that video, in another video call: "moon effects in yoga practice." i'll leave the link here in the description. in social networks i post content that does not appear in the videos. follow me there,

for us to get closer. a hug see you next time

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