Monday, April 17, 2017

yoga for runners

hey everyone, i'm tara stiles. and today onthe yoga solution, i'm gonna show you a great routine that you can do to cool down yourentire body and mind. let's get started. we'll start in a downward dog. spread your fingersnice and wide, tuck the toes, big inhale to lift yourself all the way up and back. andtake a few simple breaths here to move around a little bit, work into any places that feellike they have a little bit of extra tightness

yoga for runners, or extra tension. and we'll start to walkyour feet all the way up to your hands, one step at a time, really letting the backs ofthe legs open up here. and then once you're all the way up to your top, folding over,let your head soften, let your neck relax, maybe even sway a little side to side. ifyou wanna grab the elbows, go for that. and

then gently sway side to side. let your headrelax, let your neck relax. and when you're ready, releasing out of this one, we'll rollup to stand one vertebrae at a time, no hurry. once you do arrive up to your very top, takea big inhale, fill your arms all the way out and up. and then as you exhale, soften allthe way up and over your legs. so we'll just come into a squat from here. scooching yourfeet a little out to your sides. toes come out and heels and hips sink on down. relaxyour torso, relax your head and neck and shoulders. and then we'll spin up and open to your rightside here. draw your shoulder inside this knee so you really get a good opening. andthen same thing around to your other side. hugging the shoulder inside of your knee,open up the whole torso, the whole back. and

when you're ready, ease yourself back to middle.come down to sit on your hips here. put a nice, soft bend in your knees for an easyforward bend, and then gently relax your torso up and over the legs. breathe a lot. so ifthere's a lot tension in the hamstrings here, you can always bend your knees in a wholelot more. if there's not any tension at all, you can always extend the heels out. but it'ssometimes nice just to keep a little bend in your knees so you're feeling a nice senseof space there. and breathe a lot. from here, we're gonna roll all the way down so you'relying on your back like somebody's pulling on the back of your t-shirt. hug your kneesinto your chest. give yourself a good squeeze. maybe rock gently side to side. and then we'lljust take a nice twist here. hug your right

knee into your chest, give it a good squeeze,and every time you exhale, hug your knee a little bit closer to this right shoulder.and then we'll take a twist around to the side. left hand comes on top, spin your wholetorso up and over, that knee falls to the ground, right arm opens up to the side. breathea lot here into your belly. and when you're ready, bring the knee all the way back tothe middle. give it a good squeeze. and we'll send the leg all the way back down to meetthe other one. hug your left knee into your chest, give it a nice squeeze. and every timeyou exhale, let it fall a little bit closer toward your left shoulder. and breathe a lot.and we'll take the same twist here, drop your knee all the way over to your other side.opposite arm right out to your sides. breathe

a lot into your belly. and when you're ready,draw the knee all the way back in, and let everything relax all the way down here. sotake a big inhale through your nose and long exhale out through your mouth. so feel freeto relax here for however long you like, maybe 30 seconds, maybe a minute or so. just stayhere nice and gently and let your breath be easy. and once you've had enough of that one,whenever you're ready, hug your knees back into chest, and gently rock yourself all theback up. so there you have it: a great routine that you can do to cool down your entire bodyand mind. i'm tara stiles, and i'll see you next time on the yoga solution.

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