Tuesday, April 25, 2017

yoga school

the isha school is not designed to impose education on the child there is a natural longing in every human being to know something what is it that he wants

yoga school, to know, to discover that and to support that is the teacher's business anything that you pursue

you will always remember anything that's imposed on you will never add to your life. this is the basics on which the school is structured. anything that a child pursues with interest, he will always remember this, it will always become a part of his life anything that is heaped upon him

it doesn't matter how valuable it is, he tends to reject it instead of enforcing that all children should study everything else which is causing a huge damage to the child somebody maybe good at one thing and not so good at the other thing when he's compelled to do it at the same level as other children his...if he has any genius in him

for a particular aspect of life, is generally lost. i dont know. it kind of excites me to think about what could have happened for me because so much of my time and energy as a child was spent trying to understand things that didn't make any sense so, if that was gone and that energy couldhave been directed into something far more dynamic and exciting i don't know what i would have done with it

art maybe, i would have had more freedom to do more art put paper on the table for each child andwe set the tables up like musical chairs and we turn the music on and they drew, and we turn the music off and they went around the chairs, and went around the tables so, by the end of that they were all just screaming and laughing and just drawing crazy, and the way that they loosened up and just got comfortable and since then we've started painting and they are so just full of life and expression and just,

i mean it's amazing, i'm learning so much from them the child will learn not just to read and write we will make sure that the child is exposedto every little thing in life he should know how to fix a bicycle, he should know how to milk a cow, he should know how to cook his food, he should know everything he may not become an expert cook or an expert bicycle repairer but he knows the fundamentals of everything he's not helpless in any kind of situation this will not deviate him from his academics at all

in fact it will enhance him because your academic capabilities don't come just by reading your academic capabilities come because your intelligence is in full swing not half asleep. today the world education scientists are saying that if a child goes to kindergarden school and goesthrough twenty years of formal education let's say he comes out with something like an ms or phd or whatever

20 years of education they're saying 70% of his education is irrevocably destroyed that means he's coming out as aknowledgable idiot and he will not be truly competitve in anything he will try to survive on his two alphabets that he has gathered next to his name so i want the children to grow up in such a way tomorrow if your qualification has no value still you survive

you survive because of your capability, notbecause of your qualification this is education for knowing and to become capable this is not education just to 0:04:56.379,0:04:59.870you know, decorate yourself with something i cut the vegetables then we put them in this big pot and then we stir them and put fire under and we put all these different type of things inside and mix it and make taste

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