Friday, April 28, 2017

yoga tips

hi everyone! i'm jackie. and i'm sara. and we're here from moksha yoga maple andtoday we're going to be to showing you everyones' favorite posture, savasana. be present, be still, be here.

yoga tips, to start off your savasana, come onto your backand extend your legs and arms wide. so a lot of times the tendency is to draw your legsin close together. so from here this really tight position is not going to allow much for you to soften and relax.

so the legs should be at least mat-width apart,wider if you have space, and the toes fall open, so that allows you to release throughyour back and just everything to be soft. arms by your side, instead bring them outa little further. yeah, take up some space. take up some real estate around you. and start to kiss the sholder blades a littlecloser together behind the body so that the heart and the chest can open, and as wellas the palms are turned out a bit more naturally towards the cieling. and then from here with the head, insteadof with the neck or the chin facing up towards the cieling, which is not so relaxing, drawthe chin in more towards your chest.

yeah. and then once you've found this comfortablespot, make any little minor adjustments. maybe the head starts to rock from side to side,to get a really comfortable position for it to rest, and then the breath starts to becomea little deeper. so you'll notice how the belly and the chestwill start to lift and fall as you breath. soften through your face, to your jaw, removeyour tongue from the roof of your mouth, allow your lips to part. and let every single bonein your body be heavy. really that's the only thing you have to focus on is your breath, is just going deeper into this posture.

a lot of times we start to think about otherthings, that happen throughout our day, thinking about our list of to-dos. instead, just comeback to your breath. be present, be still, be here. and that's how you do savasana. now that you know all of the essential tipsneeded, to get yourself ready for your final resting pose, remember to take as much timeas you need in this final posture. if you liked the video remember to comment below,and subscribe to this channel.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

yoga styles

hi, my name is julie smith and i work at the williamson county parks and recreation department as a certified group fitness instructor. i teach yoga and chair yoga at the nolensville facility.

yoga styles, as a yoga instructor, i'm often asked the question "what is the difference between vinyasa yoga and hatha yoga?" so i'd love to briefly define that for you today.

hatha, actually pronounced hah-ta, literal meaning of the word is effort so when its structure and a hata class will really break down the alignment and all the postures putting a lot of effort into that and then finding the breath and really getting into the pose and what that would look like if i was building in mountain pose

i would be placing the feet directly under the hips making sure my feet are even parallel to each other and then starting to maybe feel all four corners of the feet evenly dispersing the weight of the arches, facing the palms forward, lifting the sternum, really taking the chin back - ears in line with the shoulders, lifting through the top of the

head and then finding the breath here as you feel that lifted posture. and you continue to move through poses like that breaking them down throughout the class. so vinyasa - difference between that is you would add onto that. vinyasa: the literal meaning of that word is to place in special order. so a teacher would take a group of about five to seven of those

haha postures and put them into a sequence, break down the alignment principles, and then begin to move and blow through those postures synchronizing the breath to the movement. and so what that might look like is if your instructors say take your vinyasa a half-vinyasa - a very common vinyasa flow involves inhaling the hands up - exhaling

taking the forward fold - inhale halfway lifting - exhale stepping or jumping back into a plank and finding an inhale here and then exhale pressing back into your down dog and then inhaling walking or jumping the feet up and rising up into your standing posture. and that would be repeated multiple times throughout the class. so i hope that helps you to

understand the difference between hatha and vinyasa, and i hope it helps you on your journey to finding what exercises is best for you and your body. to find out more information about the williamson county parks and recreation department, our variety of fitness programs or other department activities and events, visit us online at,

where there's something for everyone

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

yoga shorts

yoga instructor uh... from the thompsonyou have rivers university of anyway so it's better to short and he refuses toget a lot typical decidedly was too short eggheadsadministrators in the university i he teaches up a lot of rockwell now off pal mac you guys really funnyhis name is ahmad abdullah

yoga shorts, katie just a lot easier than uh... and he says that he purchased theshorts back in nineteen ninety-seven and he rather give up his position to giveup the shorts audino this there was a rough

arco barnett doable or a son jesus it's a great do not put it away are really i think calendar days ofvacation if you are so a short shorts on my show and i think it's a good point hesays women are walking around with their bullies up in their research and stillsome light like and then didn't say anything and what you might have a billof mister o_j_ protector grady's look this is a legal action oris this just the trivedi well it's really interesting about thisstory is an issue is the university

uh... will comment as far as whether notthey get a fire they said well you know we have a certain dress code but it'svery very broad and there's nothing specifically uh... about short shorts or men shorts something like that and it it is reallybelieve london with one of a couple times but he will not take the shirtsoff r_j_r_ feature and well you know what it off it it back now you're italy rapidity instead ofthis world wrote a

luck item the bottom line is i'm i'm not a liberal might not a good lead okay with credit for the goose is goodfor the gander right you know he's right about the cleavage if we want there orwe think it's ok va woman walk around with leverage it's a free country back if you got a full on it throw it back here on a bill of saleworks out for it not only is standing in that pictureisle of how proud he was going to para

spanos layout of the writeup watch more class at the interest onenough

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

yoga school

the isha school is not designed to impose education on the child there is a natural longing in every human being to know something what is it that he wants

yoga school, to know, to discover that and to support that is the teacher's business anything that you pursue

you will always remember anything that's imposed on you will never add to your life. this is the basics on which the school is structured. anything that a child pursues with interest, he will always remember this, it will always become a part of his life anything that is heaped upon him

it doesn't matter how valuable it is, he tends to reject it instead of enforcing that all children should study everything else which is causing a huge damage to the child somebody maybe good at one thing and not so good at the other thing when he's compelled to do it at the same level as other children his...if he has any genius in him

for a particular aspect of life, is generally lost. i dont know. it kind of excites me to think about what could have happened for me because so much of my time and energy as a child was spent trying to understand things that didn't make any sense so, if that was gone and that energy couldhave been directed into something far more dynamic and exciting i don't know what i would have done with it

art maybe, i would have had more freedom to do more art put paper on the table for each child andwe set the tables up like musical chairs and we turn the music on and they drew, and we turn the music off and they went around the chairs, and went around the tables so, by the end of that they were all just screaming and laughing and just drawing crazy, and the way that they loosened up and just got comfortable and since then we've started painting and they are so just full of life and expression and just,

i mean it's amazing, i'm learning so much from them the child will learn not just to read and write we will make sure that the child is exposedto every little thing in life he should know how to fix a bicycle, he should know how to milk a cow, he should know how to cook his food, he should know everything he may not become an expert cook or an expert bicycle repairer but he knows the fundamentals of everything he's not helpless in any kind of situation this will not deviate him from his academics at all

in fact it will enhance him because your academic capabilities don't come just by reading your academic capabilities come because your intelligence is in full swing not half asleep. today the world education scientists are saying that if a child goes to kindergarden school and goesthrough twenty years of formal education let's say he comes out with something like an ms or phd or whatever

20 years of education they're saying 70% of his education is irrevocably destroyed that means he's coming out as aknowledgable idiot and he will not be truly competitve in anything he will try to survive on his two alphabets that he has gathered next to his name so i want the children to grow up in such a way tomorrow if your qualification has no value still you survive

you survive because of your capability, notbecause of your qualification this is education for knowing and to become capable this is not education just to 0:04:56.379,0:04:59.870you know, decorate yourself with something i cut the vegetables then we put them in this big pot and then we stir them and put fire under and we put all these different type of things inside and mix it and make taste

Monday, April 24, 2017

yoga nyc

i guess we have to take her for the day. and you've heard about yoga and you don't know where to start, and we are live at the

yoga nyc, yoga seed. reporter: hello, i am getting my zen on this morning as you can tell my deep voice, and you can find out if

you do not know much about yoga. a beginner series starts tonight and it is a four-week program, and this entire studio is great for anyone that will be a beginner or that wants to be a yoke. -- yogi.

tell us about this. it is four weeks and anyone can learn about yoga, and a lot of people think it is just posture, but we will show you the philosophy, and making it accessible in their bodies so that they can learn how to take a deep breath. reporter: it

is about taking a deep breath before you do anything, and a lot of people do not realize they are not breathing correctly throughout the day. part of our mission is to make sure that everyone in the community knows how to take a deep breath before they break

down. it is a huge part of it and everyone can come and learn how to do that and so much more. reporter: we were talking earlier because a lot of people may look at yoga and they see someone doing the crazy pretzel over their head, and that is

not what this is about. that can be yoga for some people, but it does not have to be for the rest of us. it can be about the breathing and philosophy. in three of our have broken their backs, so we want them to be aware and we have all sorts

of positions, and you can come here and learn. reporter: and here we have carl, and he is leading the class. i want to ask you, so many people have a misconception about yoga, and tell us why and what they should not be afraid of.

first, let's lay on our backs as i multitask. and why they should not be afraid of a misconception, it is maybe not what people think, and now we are just resting on our back and staying with our breath. you can do yoga without even

moving, and there are a lot of aspects of yoga, and there are eight limbs of yoga, and physical movement is only one. you can concentrate on your body, your breath, and your mind. reporter: and carl can

Friday, April 21, 2017

yoga kurse

hi guys here is vinicius. this time i prepared for us a more reflective content which is an exercise of a great brazilian yogi

yoga kurse, or professor hermogenes have you seen thinking: i'm not good enough, i'm not pretty enough,

concentrated or dedicated enough. these statements and other, worse even, they appear in our consciousness it is very easy we take for granted, what is uncertain. when expectations for results, anxiety and excess commitments mix, we lose clarity

of what is actually happening in life the body and thought, try to think of it as a solo, extremely fertile, everything we deposited there, either through the thoughts, relations with others, it is grown

if you cultivate fear, if you cultivate conflict, anxiety. you end up being contemplated, with these fruits. however, this cycle can be different and give rise to qualities such as: goodness,

patience, a positive view the way you you are perceived in the world. that, decreases that turbulence and increases its awareness of how the facts occur, as they are,

interconnected. and the name of that path, the teacher hermogenes presented as well, it spreads so well in brazil and it is available to everyone, flame: he delivered, i accept, trust

and i thank these four words they make sense, if you think the meaning of life, it is beyond than your thoughts already defined about who you are and how it has to be. if you are enjoying this video,

then already takes and click liked. what is surrender? he delivered it is to free the bond after his actions or the facts, already happened. v ou is the nature allows now

make her role i accept all conditions as perfect inclusive the difficulties i accepted as the necessary lessons a guide, a mentor or god is putting

in my way and trust that such lessons they are non-transferable and only depend on i experience them if i want to continue i integrating more and more to the way life manifested by such teachings and thank you for the past

by president and what will without fear of being happy. to that there is a more interesting understanding of this way, i prepared an exercise to do together right now, before,

takes for you to enroll in the channel and activate the bell so you ensure that you will receive upcoming videos. come on? close your eyes a bit and let your arms resting on your thighs. breathe deeply three times

mentally repeat what i'll tell you i am enough give-me my way my journey i trust my steps to be a being of light unlimited possibilities once again

i give myself to my way i accept my journey opportunities unlimited open your eyes. thanks for watching here leave a comment of what you think this video, your opinion to me

it's very important you can find complementary information to that video, in another video call: "moon effects in yoga practice." i'll leave the link here in the description. in social networks i post content that does not appear in the videos. follow me there,

for us to get closer. a hug see you next time

Thursday, April 20, 2017

yoga kundalini

yogasalud informs you about the benefits of yoga in an free and open way, without having to leave your home.â â€¨ if you have an injury, heart problems or are pregnant. check with your doctor and read the recommendations before starting to practice.â â€¨ feeling high series.

yoga kundalini, fingers so the tips touch the mounds of the palms, the thumbs should be extended pointing upward. continue with breath of fire (inspiring and expiring rapidly through the nose with the same amount of air)

for 1-3 min. inhale and place hands above your head, with thumbs touching and apply mul bhand (information on the web) for a few seconds. inhale and relax your posture. this exercise opens the lungs, brain hemispheres are placed on alert and it strengthens the magnetic field. inhale, stretch the spine forward, exhale and bend the spine backwards. your shoulders should be relaxed and your head up. continue rhythmically with deep breathing for 1-3 min.

this exercise stimulates and stretches the lower and middle of the spine. inhale and turn your head and torso to the left, exhale and turn to the right. continue for 1-3 min. inhale and look forward, then exhale. as in the previous exercise it stimulates and stretches the lower and middle of the spine. take hold of your toes and squeeze tightly (if you can not reach your feet, you can hold your ankles). inhale and straighten your spine, pulling your feet towards you. exhale and lower your body and arms to the floor. 2 continue for 1-3 min. inhale as you go up and hold briefly,

exhale and hold the position a few seconds without lowering the head. inhale and relax. this exercise works on the lower and upper parts of the spine. sit on the right heel and leg stretch the left leg out in front of you. take your left foot with both hands, putting pressure on the big toe nail. in this posture, do breath fire for 1-2 min. inhale, exhale and then lower your head to the feet a few seconds. inhale and relax. repeat with other leg.

this exercise helps to stretch the sciatic nerve and activate the circulation in the upper torso. take hold of your toes, if you can’t, your ankles. inhale and straighten your back pulling your feet toward the body, exhale and bend your left knee. inhale as you straighten and exhale as you bend the right knee. continue with powerful breathing for 1 to 2 min. inhale up and exhale, doblã¡ndote ahead to bring against the floor.

continue this movement for a min. inhale and stretch the head up, exhale and lower the front of the ground. hold it a few seconds. inhale and relax. this exercise gives flexibility to the lower spine and sacrum area. it energizes the magnetic field. cobra pose: place hands below the shoulders. stretch your arms, shrugging your shoulders and head. keep your heels together.

hold the pose, fire breathing for 1-3 min. inhale, arching your back as much as possible, exhale and apply mul bhand (information on the web)for a few seconds. inhale and exhale. finally, slowly lower your shoulders, vertebra by vertebra, down to the ground. relax. this exercise balances sexual energy and apana energy that in the following exercises can make the higher energy circulate (look at chakras on the web). inhale and lift your shoulders toward your ears, exhale and let them fall.

continue rhythmically with powerful breathing for 1-2 min .. this exercise balances the higher chakras and opens a hormonal bridge to the centre of the brain. rotate your head clockwise. shoulders should be relaxed and still, the neck should be stretched gently. continue for 1-2 min. and then change the direction of rotation. inhale until your head is central and then relax.

sat kriya: elbows touch the ears. interlace fingers all except the index, which points up. start saying sat contracting the belly button then relax, say nam at a rate of 8 times for every 10 seconds. continue for 3-7 min. inhale and apply mul bhand, driving up energy from the anus to the top of the head, exhale. inhale deeply, then exhale completely and apply mul bhand. inhale and relax. this exercise helps to circulate the kundalini energy through the chakras,

aids digestion and strengthens the nervous system. relax deeply into easy posture (as shown in the video) or on the back with arms beside the body, palm facing up.