Thursday, April 20, 2017

yoga kundalini

yogasalud informs you about the benefits of yoga in an free and open way, without having to leave your home.â â€¨ if you have an injury, heart problems or are pregnant. check with your doctor and read the recommendations before starting to practice.â â€¨ feeling high series.

yoga kundalini, fingers so the tips touch the mounds of the palms, the thumbs should be extended pointing upward. continue with breath of fire (inspiring and expiring rapidly through the nose with the same amount of air)

for 1-3 min. inhale and place hands above your head, with thumbs touching and apply mul bhand (information on the web) for a few seconds. inhale and relax your posture. this exercise opens the lungs, brain hemispheres are placed on alert and it strengthens the magnetic field. inhale, stretch the spine forward, exhale and bend the spine backwards. your shoulders should be relaxed and your head up. continue rhythmically with deep breathing for 1-3 min.

this exercise stimulates and stretches the lower and middle of the spine. inhale and turn your head and torso to the left, exhale and turn to the right. continue for 1-3 min. inhale and look forward, then exhale. as in the previous exercise it stimulates and stretches the lower and middle of the spine. take hold of your toes and squeeze tightly (if you can not reach your feet, you can hold your ankles). inhale and straighten your spine, pulling your feet towards you. exhale and lower your body and arms to the floor. 2 continue for 1-3 min. inhale as you go up and hold briefly,

exhale and hold the position a few seconds without lowering the head. inhale and relax. this exercise works on the lower and upper parts of the spine. sit on the right heel and leg stretch the left leg out in front of you. take your left foot with both hands, putting pressure on the big toe nail. in this posture, do breath fire for 1-2 min. inhale, exhale and then lower your head to the feet a few seconds. inhale and relax. repeat with other leg.

this exercise helps to stretch the sciatic nerve and activate the circulation in the upper torso. take hold of your toes, if you can’t, your ankles. inhale and straighten your back pulling your feet toward the body, exhale and bend your left knee. inhale as you straighten and exhale as you bend the right knee. continue with powerful breathing for 1 to 2 min. inhale up and exhale, doblã¡ndote ahead to bring against the floor.

continue this movement for a min. inhale and stretch the head up, exhale and lower the front of the ground. hold it a few seconds. inhale and relax. this exercise gives flexibility to the lower spine and sacrum area. it energizes the magnetic field. cobra pose: place hands below the shoulders. stretch your arms, shrugging your shoulders and head. keep your heels together.

hold the pose, fire breathing for 1-3 min. inhale, arching your back as much as possible, exhale and apply mul bhand (information on the web)for a few seconds. inhale and exhale. finally, slowly lower your shoulders, vertebra by vertebra, down to the ground. relax. this exercise balances sexual energy and apana energy that in the following exercises can make the higher energy circulate (look at chakras on the web). inhale and lift your shoulders toward your ears, exhale and let them fall.

continue rhythmically with powerful breathing for 1-2 min .. this exercise balances the higher chakras and opens a hormonal bridge to the centre of the brain. rotate your head clockwise. shoulders should be relaxed and still, the neck should be stretched gently. continue for 1-2 min. and then change the direction of rotation. inhale until your head is central and then relax.

sat kriya: elbows touch the ears. interlace fingers all except the index, which points up. start saying sat contracting the belly button then relax, say nam at a rate of 8 times for every 10 seconds. continue for 3-7 min. inhale and apply mul bhand, driving up energy from the anus to the top of the head, exhale. inhale deeply, then exhale completely and apply mul bhand. inhale and relax. this exercise helps to circulate the kundalini energy through the chakras,

aids digestion and strengthens the nervous system. relax deeply into easy posture (as shown in the video) or on the back with arms beside the body, palm facing up.

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