Wednesday, April 19, 2017

yoga instructor

shakthi ganeshan: i am shakthi ganeshan and i teach yoga. yoga is not what a pose looks like in someone else's body. yoga, ideally, is your own experience of alignment and breath. i had a lot of compassion when i was younger

yoga instructor, for anyone who was ever sick. i didn't like the idea of people not feeling well. that interest spurred my education and so i went into western medicine.

at the time when i began investigating yoga i was feeling very tired, in my own body, very overworked. so it was a really good time for me to begin to explore what could create a feeling of vibrancy in myself. i really love teaching the group classes, and that is because there's an energy

in the room from people being all together. (indistinguishable chatter) every teacher that i consistently went to, every single one of them was a role model. somebody that, you know, i would go to class or go to their training, so excited to learn how they live their life. some of my favorite teachers

they were doing the teacher training, and -- without a lot of thought -- i signed up for that. most yoga teachers have a tremendous skill set, actually. they don't just have, you know, like the 200 hour teacher training and then you go and become this amazing yoga teacher -- that's not the way it happens.

i'm actually very gifted at language, and so sometimes i will have students who will come and they all speak french. that's happened to me more than once at this studio. i have dance training -- i did indian classical dance for ten years. and then: i'm a physician, so i have all of that anatomic knowledge of the body. i'd say the last piece that i didn't have that i would advise a high school student to have

is some knowledge of business. learning about promotion, publicity -- how to find out what the needs of clients are and be more specific in the way that you service those needs. those are all parts of being a yoga teacher as well. notice what you're really curious about, in terms of health, the mind, the body.

it can create a vast amount health, a feeling of vitality, a feeling of really being right with body, and mind, and spirit, everything.

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