Tuesday, April 4, 2017

free yoga classes

good morning, take advantage of this nice, warm afternoon. i think that today we will be in the mid to upper 90's across marysville and sacramento.

free yoga classes, 95 in modesto. 93 in fairfield. mid 90's as we head into the foothills around auburn this

afternoon. should be the upper 70's today, less wind than yesterday. overall a good looking day, we will check out the forecast coming up in the next hour. i have the -- i have dabbled in it a little bit, the yoga thing. what tomorrow might be the day,

if you are like me, to take the plunge and take a class, because it is free. like this is a great way to have a stress feet -- stress-free labor day holiday. yoga studios across the area are taking part in the sacramento free day of yoga, focusing on

the whole body, including the idea that food plays an important role in achieving that allen's. joining us this morning is michelle, the founder of the free day of sacramento yoga. thank you both so much for being

with us here. let's start, what is i you beta and am i saying that correctly? is the science of life, a sister science to yoga, you are saying it perfectly. we are working with foods and spices and oils on the body. instead of just

being a little bit stressful, we can work from food as well. you are saying that food and drink can help you to feel differently by the end of the day? exactly. want to tell us what we are

drinking and why it will help us to feel different? imagine that it is a hot day. labor day. we are imagining. [laughter] maybe something happens that is stressful.

you come home and you want a beer or a glass of wine. maybe some potatoes? maybe. most of what we crave increases the heat. we wind up more stressed by the time we go to bed. like ice

cream? even ice cream. pastries? we are going to try some infused water. the first one is infused with ginger. do you have a guess as to

whether it's heating or cooling? go ahead and try. this one is the ginger. maybe you can taste the warming. absolutely. spicy. that would be good for indigestion.

or if you are feeling isolated or depression is sitting in, this would warm up your body to bring the life back in. very nice. the next one is hibiscus mint lemon. difference between them. very cooling.

nourishing. this would be a great drink for your labor day barbecue. it literally took me three seconds to throw it together. good idea. that definitely started off the holiday with a drink. let's get some meeting in there.

i also made a rice dish, because rice is so common for us to make at home. this is the plain rice. i have made heating version and a cooling version. the first one that we will try is the lighter one, it is about concealing.

this is so montreux coconut. -- so montreux -- so montreux -- cilantro coconut. something to calm down your belly. then you can have another glass. a bit of a crunch as well. what is this one?

tahini basil curry. the warming in that one is sensitive. after uei it you will start to feel warm inside your mouth. that one will also warm the belly against the isolating i will definitely take part in

the eating. it was tough for me. i have tried it a couple of times. this is a good way for people to go out who are saying that they are veterans, but for first timers as well, for those who are intimidated, it is free and

happening across the area. it is great for the seasoned, it is also great for those who have never done it before. tomorrow we have a class called -- i am new to yoga, please don't hurt me. and then we

have the yoga food and we are doing the yoga skin beauty bar that is happening. it has really taken off in sacramento. this is the third time you are putting it on. especially at a time when people are supposed to take off for

stress relief. we encourage people to make a day of it, come out and have fun. we will have a list of the studio's online. maybe we will see you tomorrow.

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