Tuesday, April 18, 2017

yoga in

christian fundamentalists are freaking out over younger in the military professor weir's storybut we know the culprits here tony perkins the head of the family researchcouncil remember this is the right wing

yoga in, christian think-tank that is classifiedas a hate group flipping out over this new initiative atthe u_s_ military is testing which is yoga and meditation classes it's calledthe mind that the the uh... mind fitness training program

the u_s_ military is testing integratingyoga breathing classes meditation alongside all of the more a traditionalregime uh... regina to keep soldiers calm mentally fit reduce depression useof alcohol and drugs now as we know this is a huge problem uh... in the military suicide rate oneper day more likely to commit suicide in the military to be killed in combatperkins says this is not good just an attempt to replace ones relationship with god which shouldbe really what keeps you singing in the military with things that he considersto be wacky i mean he calls these wacky

substitutes i think what's at thegreeley the core of this is yoga sounds kind of feminine and gayto the family research council i think that's what they don't like willis probably i mean if if they have done anyresearch about you know that they'd realize there is really no religious component it's a that well that's the problem theyhave they they want soldiers to be focusingon church and praying instead of yelling at her have a church career fairy taleand and and pray to

to whatever right n do some importantexercises that might actually help them physically and fizzy physiologicallythat's exactly where uh... somebody should tell tony perkins that the facingis not keeping up its end of the bargain with soldiers right like i said mental health of members of the militaryis a huge problem suicide rate skyrocketing in the lastcouple of years and twenty twelve one suicide a day you know yoga is just a wacky substitutei think what it really means is we need more people praying and yoga soundskinda feminine and get i think that's on

the list probably you know what i'd i would muchrather have our soldiers uh... talking to europe instructors yeahinstructions then to anyone related to any religiousorganization by a group of what the hundred percent you no question about it i think the fact that tony perkins a soagainst this is a really good indicator that themilitary is actually doing a good thing vote yes of course the morale reissues the betterthings are getting almost by definition

yet join us on face book face book dot comslash david packard chillax take a break when we come back i will argue and i'm guessing it will be an argument with the chairman of gun appreciationday stated that's uh... coming up next david madman shelves and davidjacqueline dot com

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