Wednesday, May 3, 2017

yoga workshop

have you got the courage to attend a tantrayoga class but are curious as to what to expect? what to bring? tune in and listen for thedifference between a tantra and a hatha class and get some insight into what to bring inmy and generally other teachers tantra classes and workshops. subscribe here:

yoga workshop, for more information please follow me on:facebook: google +: ------------------------------------------------------------------------are you becoming curious about taking a tantra workshop or a tantra event but you’re notsure what to expect?

hi. i am jessica crystal joy, feminine empowermenteducator from houston, texas. and today’s video, i am going to briefly get you guysprepared for your very first tantra yoga workshop or, when people hear the word ‘yoga’ in a sentence, they have a preconceived ideaabout what they need to do to prepare themselves to take a class. and the interesting thingis being prepared and taking a class in tantra is going to be completely different than whatyou have in most studios. so, as i had said briefly to explain a little bit of a difference,we have the sanskrit word which i’ve said ‘tantra’ which means liberating and expansivelyliberating and yoga again is sanskrit for union of mind and body, so you’re takingin tantra your connection of mind and body

and liberating yourself through expansionand this is a completely different definition, a completely different understanding for thebasis of all yoga that you have in the studios which are very popular right now. the studiothat they do is called ‘hatha yoga’. and so hatha yoga is connection of mind and bodythrough what hatha translates into english which is willful or forceful. and so thoseare two different things. you have a mind-body connection using willful, forceful poses orwhat they call in sanskrit ‘asana’ and you have expansively liberating, those are definitely two different terms and it explains why the class prep and whatyou need for the class are two different things. the only things that are similar is you’regoing to need water for both. when you’re

doing any sort of techniques, modalities,things of that nature, systems inside of yoga, mind-body connection, we are going to be cleansingour body, we’re going to be focusing on our mind using more memory in our mind, weare going to be doing things that are going to detox our body and in that system, wheneveryou’re doing things of that nature, you want to make sure you stay fully hydratedbecause if you don’t, then your body can clench up, you can start to have headaches,or you can just have negative reactions which can limit the positivity and it can decreaseyour willingness to try it again. so, it’s always very important to have water when you’regoing into any sort of yoga class. check out my website: http://jessicacrystaljoy.comfor

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