Friday, March 31, 2017

best yoga program

hey guys so this may not be the regular blog you used to seeing from us were on a bed and mark has a cat its really special day for us today

best yoga program, for a lot of reasons you've heard us talking about us putting out our dvd and our program

and our book forever so today is the day the day we launched our boho beautiful in 10 days program and our happy and healthy plant based eating guide were super prooud super excited and its almost like this dude breath of oxygen has entered our life

as were doing this because we staryed this exactly a year ago literally this time we were s we were in bahamas shooting these videos for you guys which is insane cause so much can change a lot can happen in a year start wars was coming out when we were in the bahamas shooting

and star wars is coming out this weekend and here we are right now finally telling you thats its available and you can truly see the heard work the love and the sacrifice that was out into this to create this program and i thinks thats what really special about

boho beautiful in 10 days is that everything that you see was created by only mark and i we didn't have all these crews it was just me and him running around and thats just out the production it was just the two of us in exam bahamas which was insane cause were doing a multi camera shoot on a beach in 35 deg covered in sand sweating

it was nuts but then it moved into what we didnt expect the productions side putting it all together cause everything were doing were learning and thats what takes it so long not only how to put the whole thing toegther and to bring this vision into reality and to hold on to it so hard no matter how difficult it was

but also to learn like when we decided we wanted to so a book it started as a 20 page guide and now its like 163 page book i think a big thing we learned was when things start to grow instead of blocking it to grow with it and learn with it thats what were really proud of

were sure that there might be little hicks ups or mistakes we didnt catch and were ok with that because again this truly came from our hearts and we put so much time and so much effort and so much sacrifice to create what we did

so were just really proud of it and were really proud to share this also i want to say with the website we took a lot of timw to get it not just to look right but to function in a way that we feel we haven't been able to give to u guys

there is a really great sorting function its goes whoop so you don't have to scroll down to find a video if you want to see a yoga workout it literally will give u all the yoga videos as well as that now we have also an opportunity to put out blogs which is really cool and we wrote a really great one

what were in the middle of right now and another blog will be coming in a bit sort of showing it we literally sold all our stuff and hit the road yeah we currently have a van for a home i guess if you would call it were kind of hoping around were heading to the mountains

were going to be living a bit off the grid and maybe if theres anything that people can take from this blog or from our whole entire journey is that if you put your heart into something into a project doesn't matter what it is anything is possible

that has got us out of bed for the last 365 days its the process we learned to love its not today that we love its the journey that got us here to be able to finally say it here you go check it out we hope you enjoy it, enjoy the dvds the program the website go kiss a cat or a dog

spay and neuter your pets like bob barker lots of love its been 2 weeks of everything filming laughing getting wet but rain and storm crying bleeding sun burnt

sandy bitten by sand fleas where your skin looks like chicken pox everything has happened to us but we are officially finished 30 videos in 2 weeks plus more feels god though to be done

and there expecting storm tonight

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