Thursday, May 4, 2017

yoga übungen

oh this is bad hi friends oh whoa oh mhaha hi friends and welcome to i can't figure out the god damn lighting lines lines lines *beeeeep* your such a *beeeeep* dumb person hey guys welcome to our channel so this is our first video and this is *beeeeeep*

yoga übungen, and im *beeeeeep* together we are the behinderung to the max - wir sind so geil so basically today we are gonna do the couples yoga challenge guys no shush ok guys (retarded laughing) hello friends

welcome - we are using what i did it was the best one. no we have to start together and be like hello behindis. hello behindis, so this is our first video on our channel: behinderung to the max. and this is *beeeeeeeeep* oh my god first of all stop pronouncing my name wrong and second of all- and i'm *beeeeeeeeep* no we cant expose our names. so we are behinderung number one behinderung number two- why am i number two?? ok! behinderung number one behinderung number on-two um and today we will be doing an eight, oh wait how should i say this. partner yoga poses for lovers and friends that's us - the lovers ok ok so the first pose. ugh holy *beeeeep* the first one should be

on the bottom of the screen. okay, okay this is gonna be so much editing cause we are so *beeeeep*- wait. do your socks have this on them- my socks have like the stop so that i dont slip. ai (retarded laughter again).lets go, we cant even- guys i think before we start this video you should know i've had a lot of yoga exoerience compared to this one- but roberto gave me a lot of experience you cant just *beeeeeep*. we are not even on the frame, ok wait. one, two, three, ok. aaaah wait hold on au my legs are not straight (more retarded laughter) we are so flexible. we can't even do this. hold my. no no thats gonna be too much stretch. no its fine- its not fine like that ok make suppose she does i want turkey

up let you do the dogs have to straighten your back agents talking everything i don't fully lined i can't happen anymore look at this no no no okay yeah i balance come on don't you going to place that night you're right you guys my brother's great

oh my god hurry happy omigod don't just send us another table do you know what i know i can that's our baby down position or rock garden dr hey anyone thank you for my top of what you state level wave anything i'm gonna fall out so i guess my life wow we've done it makes provision

left-hander as fake off i should hold off right out are you ok state put out that we love you and sue me next week for the middle name guys guys remember to always favorite imagine okay bye

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

yoga workshop

have you got the courage to attend a tantrayoga class but are curious as to what to expect? what to bring? tune in and listen for thedifference between a tantra and a hatha class and get some insight into what to bring inmy and generally other teachers tantra classes and workshops. subscribe here:

yoga workshop, for more information please follow me on:facebook: google +: ------------------------------------------------------------------------are you becoming curious about taking a tantra workshop or a tantra event but you’re notsure what to expect?

hi. i am jessica crystal joy, feminine empowermenteducator from houston, texas. and today’s video, i am going to briefly get you guysprepared for your very first tantra yoga workshop or, when people hear the word ‘yoga’ in a sentence, they have a preconceived ideaabout what they need to do to prepare themselves to take a class. and the interesting thingis being prepared and taking a class in tantra is going to be completely different than whatyou have in most studios. so, as i had said briefly to explain a little bit of a difference,we have the sanskrit word which i’ve said ‘tantra’ which means liberating and expansivelyliberating and yoga again is sanskrit for union of mind and body, so you’re takingin tantra your connection of mind and body

and liberating yourself through expansionand this is a completely different definition, a completely different understanding for thebasis of all yoga that you have in the studios which are very popular right now. the studiothat they do is called ‘hatha yoga’. and so hatha yoga is connection of mind and bodythrough what hatha translates into english which is willful or forceful. and so thoseare two different things. you have a mind-body connection using willful, forceful poses orwhat they call in sanskrit ‘asana’ and you have expansively liberating, those are definitely two different terms and it explains why the class prep and whatyou need for the class are two different things. the only things that are similar is you’regoing to need water for both. when you’re

doing any sort of techniques, modalities,things of that nature, systems inside of yoga, mind-body connection, we are going to be cleansingour body, we’re going to be focusing on our mind using more memory in our mind, weare going to be doing things that are going to detox our body and in that system, wheneveryou’re doing things of that nature, you want to make sure you stay fully hydratedbecause if you don’t, then your body can clench up, you can start to have headaches,or you can just have negative reactions which can limit the positivity and it can decreaseyour willingness to try it again. so, it’s always very important to have water when you’regoing into any sort of yoga class. check out my website: http://jessicacrystaljoy.comfor

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Monday, May 1, 2017

yoga training

well when i finished my teacher trainingcourse i wanted to go into yoga therapy and i started looking and searching forcourses around india uk america and i was looking for an authentic place wherei could have my training and then i came across the khyf training coursewhich i thought would be the best place to go to because it's really the sourcewhere the yoga has originated from

yoga training, from krishnamacharya and hence i just decidedto go for it the most unique aspect to this coursewas the fact faculty that was that taught the cause the current successorof prescription majority tradition was one of the main faculty dr kossoff asecond chance

along with missus many conditions whichare so that was mainly the main reason why i attended the kids wife trini youlove affair between the amount and the the the depth of knowledge on topicsrelated to you bill was one of the most unique aspect the way it was taught itwas very experienced shield so all the assignments that we were given we weremeant to experience it rather than just learning intellectually wheel and theentire spectrum so we learned our sanam pyaar no meditation we learned about thenias renowned about we dive into a bit of ayurveda as well the entire spectrum of your good toolswere given to us and we would talk in a

way that we could experience each toolas well the group that was very enjoyable we hada really good connection i'm still in touch with a lot of those members andthe teachings that was the most enjoyable as well it was taught inmorden approachable way some of very deep teachings were taught in a verymordant style this training gave me a huge personaltransformation and i found accepting those changes within me as the mostchallenging aspect of it on practical note just organizing my home banking ukand my children and getting to the polls and then staying away from home and workwas a challenging

like i said before i've had a hugetransformation personally which which has left me with a with a feeling thati'm very connected to myself so personally i feel i've found a waste find clarity in difficult situationsprofessionally it has provided me with a platform that helps me fulfill my goalof being a yoga therapist this is a highly recognized course all around theworld and a very well-respected cool so with that absolutely this course has a mixture ofdeath of knowledge along with fun experiencing the teachings practicalknowledge as to how to set up a yoga

therapy program or yoga therapy classesor sessions so it covers the entire in it i mean there's a lot more to learnbut it has given me a very good starting point when i decided to do the other acrosstown after finishing the illiterate because it gave me the strength tofulfil my real real potential that i was searching for for a very very long time

Friday, April 28, 2017

yoga tips

hi everyone! i'm jackie. and i'm sara. and we're here from moksha yoga maple andtoday we're going to be to showing you everyones' favorite posture, savasana. be present, be still, be here.

yoga tips, to start off your savasana, come onto your backand extend your legs and arms wide. so a lot of times the tendency is to draw your legsin close together. so from here this really tight position is not going to allow much for you to soften and relax.

so the legs should be at least mat-width apart,wider if you have space, and the toes fall open, so that allows you to release throughyour back and just everything to be soft. arms by your side, instead bring them outa little further. yeah, take up some space. take up some real estate around you. and start to kiss the sholder blades a littlecloser together behind the body so that the heart and the chest can open, and as wellas the palms are turned out a bit more naturally towards the cieling. and then from here with the head, insteadof with the neck or the chin facing up towards the cieling, which is not so relaxing, drawthe chin in more towards your chest.

yeah. and then once you've found this comfortablespot, make any little minor adjustments. maybe the head starts to rock from side to side,to get a really comfortable position for it to rest, and then the breath starts to becomea little deeper. so you'll notice how the belly and the chestwill start to lift and fall as you breath. soften through your face, to your jaw, removeyour tongue from the roof of your mouth, allow your lips to part. and let every single bonein your body be heavy. really that's the only thing you have to focus on is your breath, is just going deeper into this posture.

a lot of times we start to think about otherthings, that happen throughout our day, thinking about our list of to-dos. instead, just comeback to your breath. be present, be still, be here. and that's how you do savasana. now that you know all of the essential tipsneeded, to get yourself ready for your final resting pose, remember to take as much timeas you need in this final posture. if you liked the video remember to comment below,and subscribe to this channel.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

yoga styles

hi, my name is julie smith and i work at the williamson county parks and recreation department as a certified group fitness instructor. i teach yoga and chair yoga at the nolensville facility.

yoga styles, as a yoga instructor, i'm often asked the question "what is the difference between vinyasa yoga and hatha yoga?" so i'd love to briefly define that for you today.

hatha, actually pronounced hah-ta, literal meaning of the word is effort so when its structure and a hata class will really break down the alignment and all the postures putting a lot of effort into that and then finding the breath and really getting into the pose and what that would look like if i was building in mountain pose

i would be placing the feet directly under the hips making sure my feet are even parallel to each other and then starting to maybe feel all four corners of the feet evenly dispersing the weight of the arches, facing the palms forward, lifting the sternum, really taking the chin back - ears in line with the shoulders, lifting through the top of the

head and then finding the breath here as you feel that lifted posture. and you continue to move through poses like that breaking them down throughout the class. so vinyasa - difference between that is you would add onto that. vinyasa: the literal meaning of that word is to place in special order. so a teacher would take a group of about five to seven of those

haha postures and put them into a sequence, break down the alignment principles, and then begin to move and blow through those postures synchronizing the breath to the movement. and so what that might look like is if your instructors say take your vinyasa a half-vinyasa - a very common vinyasa flow involves inhaling the hands up - exhaling

taking the forward fold - inhale halfway lifting - exhale stepping or jumping back into a plank and finding an inhale here and then exhale pressing back into your down dog and then inhaling walking or jumping the feet up and rising up into your standing posture. and that would be repeated multiple times throughout the class. so i hope that helps you to

understand the difference between hatha and vinyasa, and i hope it helps you on your journey to finding what exercises is best for you and your body. to find out more information about the williamson county parks and recreation department, our variety of fitness programs or other department activities and events, visit us online at,

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

yoga shorts

yoga instructor uh... from the thompsonyou have rivers university of anyway so it's better to short and he refuses toget a lot typical decidedly was too short eggheadsadministrators in the university i he teaches up a lot of rockwell now off pal mac you guys really funnyhis name is ahmad abdullah

yoga shorts, katie just a lot easier than uh... and he says that he purchased theshorts back in nineteen ninety-seven and he rather give up his position to giveup the shorts audino this there was a rough

arco barnett doable or a son jesus it's a great do not put it away are really i think calendar days ofvacation if you are so a short shorts on my show and i think it's a good point hesays women are walking around with their bullies up in their research and stillsome light like and then didn't say anything and what you might have a billof mister o_j_ protector grady's look this is a legal action oris this just the trivedi well it's really interesting about thisstory is an issue is the university

uh... will comment as far as whether notthey get a fire they said well you know we have a certain dress code but it'svery very broad and there's nothing specifically uh... about short shorts or men shorts something like that and it it is reallybelieve london with one of a couple times but he will not take the shirtsoff r_j_r_ feature and well you know what it off it it back now you're italy rapidity instead ofthis world wrote a

luck item the bottom line is i'm i'm not a liberal might not a good lead okay with credit for the goose is goodfor the gander right you know he's right about the cleavage if we want there orwe think it's ok va woman walk around with leverage it's a free country back if you got a full on it throw it back here on a bill of saleworks out for it not only is standing in that pictureisle of how proud he was going to para

spanos layout of the writeup watch more class at the interest onenough

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

yoga school

the isha school is not designed to impose education on the child there is a natural longing in every human being to know something what is it that he wants

yoga school, to know, to discover that and to support that is the teacher's business anything that you pursue

you will always remember anything that's imposed on you will never add to your life. this is the basics on which the school is structured. anything that a child pursues with interest, he will always remember this, it will always become a part of his life anything that is heaped upon him

it doesn't matter how valuable it is, he tends to reject it instead of enforcing that all children should study everything else which is causing a huge damage to the child somebody maybe good at one thing and not so good at the other thing when he's compelled to do it at the same level as other children his...if he has any genius in him

for a particular aspect of life, is generally lost. i dont know. it kind of excites me to think about what could have happened for me because so much of my time and energy as a child was spent trying to understand things that didn't make any sense so, if that was gone and that energy couldhave been directed into something far more dynamic and exciting i don't know what i would have done with it

art maybe, i would have had more freedom to do more art put paper on the table for each child andwe set the tables up like musical chairs and we turn the music on and they drew, and we turn the music off and they went around the chairs, and went around the tables so, by the end of that they were all just screaming and laughing and just drawing crazy, and the way that they loosened up and just got comfortable and since then we've started painting and they are so just full of life and expression and just,

i mean it's amazing, i'm learning so much from them the child will learn not just to read and write we will make sure that the child is exposedto every little thing in life he should know how to fix a bicycle, he should know how to milk a cow, he should know how to cook his food, he should know everything he may not become an expert cook or an expert bicycle repairer but he knows the fundamentals of everything he's not helpless in any kind of situation this will not deviate him from his academics at all

in fact it will enhance him because your academic capabilities don't come just by reading your academic capabilities come because your intelligence is in full swing not half asleep. today the world education scientists are saying that if a child goes to kindergarden school and goesthrough twenty years of formal education let's say he comes out with something like an ms or phd or whatever

20 years of education they're saying 70% of his education is irrevocably destroyed that means he's coming out as aknowledgable idiot and he will not be truly competitve in anything he will try to survive on his two alphabets that he has gathered next to his name so i want the children to grow up in such a way tomorrow if your qualification has no value still you survive

you survive because of your capability, notbecause of your qualification this is education for knowing and to become capable this is not education just to 0:04:56.379,0:04:59.870you know, decorate yourself with something i cut the vegetables then we put them in this big pot and then we stir them and put fire under and we put all these different type of things inside and mix it and make taste